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Wales Media Awards 2020
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Journalists' Charity Wales Media Awards 2020



Photographer of the Year

Jonathan Myers

South Wales Evening Post


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Natasha Hirst Photography


Jonathan’s work clearly showed everything a good press photographer must do and the result was worth the effort. Every shot had been thought through, resulting in the photographer being in the right spot for the perfect angle. Photos were hard hitting and told a story in a way words alone cannot. 



Camera Operator of the Year

Geraint Thomas

BBC Cymru Wales


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A thoughtful and inventive cameraman agreed the judges – someone who is passionate about his storytelling. Geraint’s work showed some lovely camera movement and walking shots which provided a real sense of place. This is a camera operator who is passionate about his storytelling.



Community Journalism of the Year

Grangetown Community News


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ITV Cymru Wales


A very good local publication with lots of community news which tackles issues that concern the community. It is well produced and provides the sort of information and stories that people want to read. “We suspect residents look forward to it dropping through their letterbox”, said the judges.



Magazine of the Year

Weekend Magazine

Western Mail


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The Journalists’ Charity


The confidence of its approach is striking, said the judges. The magazine is very well designed, with excellent use of photographs and graphics. It offers a wide range of topics; serious subject matter is married with diverse aspects of Welsh life, from women's football to Welsh medium education. The judges were particularly pleased to see Welsh-language features included. 



Feature Writer of the Year

Estel Farell-Roig

Wales Online


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S4C Clic


This reporter writes with passion on social issues, said the judges. The interviews have a great impact and the writing has a natural flow demonstrating an ability to build trust with the interviewees. This is public service journalism of a high standard, and part of a long tradition of such work that can contribute to debate and even policy.



Columnist of the Year

Lynne Barrett-Lee

Western Mail


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Mercure Hotels


Lynne has an engaging and whimsical style which her readers clearly enjoy, said the judges. Her style is very personal and chatty, almost as though she is talking to a friend in her kitchen. This is the type of writing you want to make a regular date with - 'see you at 10am every Saturday for a coffee and a croissant' - something to set you in a fair mood for the rest of the weekend.



Vlog/Blog of the Year

Dai Sport


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What a great find this website is for any sports fans out there. It’s refreshing to see all sports being championed, agreed the judges. The exclusive on athlete Natasha Cockram was a great read and highlights the importance of blogs like this one. High quality journalism covering stories that would otherwise go unheard. Keep up the excellent work, said the judges.



Newspaper Journalist of the Year

Marcus Hughes

Wales Online


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University of South Wales


These interviews were written with thoughtfulness, emotion, and eloquence. They each really got to the heart of the story and pitched them at exactly the right angle. The interview with the parents of the boy who died in a park after taking drugs was particularly moving and demonstrated the importance, where possible, of reporters having access to bereaved families rather than statements issued through family liaison officers. An outstanding entry agreed the judges.



Audio News Journalist of the Year

Stephen Fairclough

BBC Cymru Wales


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Journalists’ Charity


This was work that impressed the judges who thought it an outstanding entry in the highly competitive and crowded category of Audio News Journalist of the Year. Stephen's investigation, highlighting the failings of the UK authorities in handling the issue of the Deaths of Britons abroad was shocking, well told but without hyperbole. A strong portfolio.



Television News Journalist of the Year

Rob Osborne

ITV Cymru Wales


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NUJ Training Wales


These entries displayed a range of vital storytelling skills. Whether it's the ability to get to the heart of a difficult story, put a politician on the spot or allow powerful interviewees to fill the screen with their own words it is the reporter who has to choose the best method. This journalist can clearly make valid decisions on how best to pursue the strong stories he has identified, agreed the judges.



News Website of the Year

Caerphilly Observer


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A great effort from a very small team. Given the meagre resources and the fact they also produce a print version this is outstanding, commented the judging panel. Their efforts also seem to be paying off in terms of public viewings. So local news lives on. Anyone who has worked in a newspaper newsroom can only be astonished at the effort that must be needed to produce this amount of content with just a handful of people.



Daily/Sunday Newspaper of the Year

South Wales Echo


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Western Power Distribution


A good range of locally relevant content thought the judges. Solid news coverage, with some striking front pages backed-up by comprehensive reporting on major stories. The staples of local news are covered well and are complemented by very readable news features on topics like the city's oldest record shop, or the history of Cardiff's prefab homes. Together, an informative and entertaining package for its readers. 



Weekly Newspaper of the Year

Powys County Times


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Western Power Distribution


The Powys County Times is a great example of a local paper with its fingers on the pulse of the community. The pages are full of issues that are of interest to residents, whether it’s town and village news, Wales-wide issues such as opposition to wind power, and bigger issues such as Brexit. It’s also good to see by-lines such as ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ and ‘Court Reporter’.



Specialist Journalist of the Year

Geraint Thomas

BBC Cymru Wales


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Welsh Government


Geraint Thomas’ entry told three powerful and moving individual stories about wider health issues. The judges agreed that he has a talent and knack for aligning the personal with the bigger issue - and that makes for some compelling viewing. Excellently crafted packages, with real impact. Overall a really strong portfolio which demonstrated Geraint's skill in using television as a medium for storytelling.



Political Journalist of the Year

Will Hayward

Media Wales


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Will Hayward is a crusading, modern journalist determined to get at the heart of the story. He also shows he is adept in using data to great effect. He is not afraid of complexity. His demolition of Neil Hamilton's views on Climate Change was comprehensive and on the right line of journalistic balance and objectivity. What he does superbly is give voices to communities who feel they aren't being listened to.



Sports Journalist of the Year

Fraser Watson

Western Telegraph


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Cardiff University, School of Journalism Media & Culture


Fraser's personality shines through in his writing and he brings all of his characters to life. “Fraser's piece about the ice swim is excellent. He immediately hooks you in and I love his style. This article stands out for me,” said one judge and they all agreed that this entry, of three very different pieces and different styles, showed how versatile this journalist is. 



Audio News & Current Affairs Programme of the Year

Eye on Wales – Contaminated Blood

BBC Radio Wales


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Cleartech Live


As Infected Blood Inquiry hearings were held in Cardiff this edition of BBC Radio Wales’s current affairs series – Eye on Wales - revealed the scandal that has killed more than 1,000 haemophiliacs and infected thousands more. This is quality and important investigative journalism, agreed the judges worthy of praise, recognition and wider exposure.



TV News & Current Affairs Programme of the Year

Code Blue: Murder

MultiStory Media Cymru for ITV


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Spencer David


This programme, tracking the murder of a young woman by a man she had met online, is compelling from the start and holds the attention to the very end. The production team did an outstanding job in persuading everyone, police and family to allow filming of some very personal and heart-breaking moments. The whole thing feels ‘real’ as opposed to something staged , where everyone is obviously aware they are being filmed. Outstanding journalism said the judges.



Ed Townsend Student of the Year Award

Peter Gillibrand

Cardiff University


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Peter is a great storyteller and his desire to help the audience understand difficult issues comes across clearly, agreed the judging panel. What stands out is his drive and ability to tell stories clearly regardless of medium. The radio piece on learning disabilities is well edited and mixed, while the video pieces made good use of visuals and graphics. A strong entry all round. 



Young Journalist of the Year

Ben James

Wales Online


Noddwyd gan

Aston Martin


An entry of high quality, well written with full use of in-depth interviews. Ben is a talented young journalist and will go far. The drugs in Welsh rugby piece demonstrates Ben's ability as an investigative journalist, while the Dave Jones interview is deeply insightful and a definitive record of his troubled times at Cardiff City. A great read for any Bluebirds fan.



Journalist of the Year

Stephen Fairclough

BBC Cymru Wales


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Stephen Fairclough demonstrated his ability to tell very different stories with skill and humanity, decided the judges. Stories that in one case shone light on a scandal, in another touched the heart and in the third entertained with nostalgia. The death of loved ones overseas, the trauma of the Kinder transport from Nazi Germany and the end of a little piece of Welsh history, with the closure of an Italian cafe in the Valleys were all consummately told – outstanding work.



Outstanding Contribution Award

Dylan Iorwerth

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