Television News Journalist of the Year
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Submissions should consist of three news stories, or one series of three news stories on any one topic.


Submitted work must have been produced in Wales for an audience in Wales, and shown on a Welsh TV channel news programme or appeared on a Wales-based news website between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2021. Work published or broadcast between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2021 relating to the COVID pandemic ONLY will also be accepted.


You must:

  • Upload your submissions to YouTube, and include the links, or provide a link to a website where your work can be viewed. It is a condition of entry that these links must be live, and remain live, until the end of March 2022. Please ensure you provide any passwords required. Failure to do so may result in disqualification

  • Only submit one entry for this category of a maximum of 15 minutes in total, consisting of three items

  • Supply a supporting statement (maximum 300 words), explaining your work and how it was obtained/produced


Judges will be looking for:

  • All-round quality in depth and breadth of news gathering and reporting

  • Evidence of work which results in change or which makes an identifiable impact – social, political, corporate or organisational – eg through exposes and investigative journalism

  • Work which is exclusive

  • Exposés, campaigns and investigative journalism

  • Insight, analysis, or examination of the context of stories

  • Journalism which results in change or which makes an identifiable impact (social, political, corporate, organisational), along with evidence of that change

  • Exclusivity of content

  • Stories which enlighten readers / listeners /viewers, and provide answers

  • Use of a range of multimedia platforms and graphics to enhance and develop the story

  • Evidence of work that went into getting the story - the number of sources used

  • Originality and creativity – for example, stories exploring new angles on familiar topics

  • Style of writing/delivery, the use of language

  • Story construction and structure –clarity of presentation of the story, compelling lead/opening

  • Ability to distil and present complex topics in an understandable and accessible way

  • Accuracy, fairness and balance of reporting

The organisers reserve the right to mention any entrants to this category and to display any of the work they enter in any publicity and marketing relating to the competition without copyright infringement.


The decision of the judges in this category is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you observe these criteria since failure to do so may result in your entry being disqualified.